A downloadable game for Windows

Entry for the Ludum Dare 38 Jam, made in 72 hours.

There are some bugs in here that aren't game-breaking, but could be annoying. I'll fix this once I have more time again.

You find yourself in a vessel in space in which a questionable AI recommends you to grow, mutate and harvest plants to keep your oxygen levels at bay. Manage your resources till the next tradeship arrives that lets you sell your plants and restock on equipment. Each plant needs water, light and fertilizer to grow and maintain health levels! Can you manage to do it all and preserve proper oxygen levels?

1,2,3,4 = Switch between your tools
LMB = Action
Ctrl = Crouch
ESC = Pause


Saiodin, Utho, Andres

Install instructions

Download, unzip, click executable.


InterstellarBotanistWin64.zip 124 MB
InterstellarBotanistWin32.zip 103 MB

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