A downloadable game for Windows

My entry for the Ludum Dare 35 compo, a game made in 48 hours.
This is version 1.1 with bugfixes, additional animations, sounds, fast level transitions and general improvements.

A small 2D platformer in which you control different magic shots that will transform objects into other objects. Transforming things correctly will let you progress. Controls are explained in the ESC menu. A 1-minute tutorial, available in the menu, will also explain the game further.

The game supports Gamepad excluding controlling the main menu, which needs the mouse.

Install instructions

Simply extract the .zip file and start the .exe.


Shicken - Windows 32 75 MB
Shicken Windows 64 102 MB


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Hey, I played your game!

I have to say that, while short, it is reeeeeeally well-polished for a 48 hour game. Really love the artstyle, music, audio etc. :D

Me likes very manys!

Hey, thanks for playing :)!

It's very interesting to see your thought process live! Makes me rethink about where I would have needed to throw in some information in some way to let the player fully grasp how the mechanics work.